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EMAIL: pmock1@msn.com

Phone: (925) 525-6896

Community for Fine Artists and Fine Art Galleries


Select the artwork you wish to purchase from the Art
Galleries. Complete the information below.

Please email me at:  
patrick_mock@art-by-pm.com  with the name of the item of interest or call me at   (
925) 525-6896.

1.  If a purchasing an original painting:

Please - Send the following information to me in your email for shipping:

Your name: __________________________________________

ADDRESS __________________________________________

CITY and STATE WITH ZIP _____________________________

Your Email:________________________

Your Telephone: ____________________

ITEM(s) Name, and price  
____________ $_______ __________

____________ $_______ __________

SUBTOTAL $__________

SHIPPING+ a handling cost of $5.00

TOTAL  for ALL $___________

I will send your selections out as soon as I receive
payment,(unless this is to be a commission piece of work,
in which case we will negotiate the terms with a 50% deposit and it will be shipped as soon as completed and the
balance of payment is received).

PayPal is the only acceptable payment method. See the PayPal secure link :

To Purchase the original paintings or other than print products - see the prices marked on the items, send item name and description along with your contact information for shipping and make payment through PayPal. Once confirmed it will be shipped out within 48 to 72 hours.

Community for Fine Artists and Fine Art Galleries

Click on the link above and search for Patrick Mock (Artist) to order prints or giclee prints of my paintings.