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Art-By-Patrick Mock

My paintings combine the impressions and vivid colors of nature. I try to express life's emotions through the use of color, movement and excitement. It is important to share in the enthusiasm for all things, which only art can express when it is seen in the abstract. Viewing these paintings (in person) captures your eye and invites you to explore the machinations in more detail. People see many different images within the same picture. It is, thus, the viewers, vision which is driven by ones own imagination and emotions.
Acrylics are used and selected for their sheen and glossiness. Metallic, pearlescent, iridescent and gem like qualities are attributes in the materials used. Liberal use of gem flake gives life, depth and movement to my images through flow and marbling. These images will reach out to you and captivate your imagination like few other works of art.

Art Review:

"Color, texture and light informs the expressionist style with a thematic milieu that is mysterious, captivating and visually compelling. Skillfully executed, the work achieves poignancy through a unique perspective that resonates throughout the cohesive presentation. Wonderful work."

Review by Angela Di Bello , Director, Editor-in-Chief of ArtisSpectrum Magazine, NY, NY

Exhibitions and Recognition:

…Art People @ Crocker Galleria, San Francisco, CA - April 2004 on going
…Alexander’s Main Street Gallery, Pleasanton, CA - February 2004 on going
…Abstract Earth Gallery, on line - Juried & selected - March 2004 on going
…Blackhawk Art Gallery, Danville, CA - Juried & selected for exhibition

…Willits Center Art Gallery, Fremont, CA - April 2004 on going
…Designer of Mural for the San Ramon Art Walk & Festival 2004
...Art4Love, Inc., on line - Selected for representation and promotion - New York, NY
...“The Artistic Forum“, on line magazine - Selected for publication July - September 2004


• June 2004 - Reception & Juried Show - “DACA’s 15th Anniversary” - Danville Fine Arts Gallery, Danville CA
• June 2004 - Juried Show - “Pleasanton Art League Show 2004”, Bank of America, Pleasanton, CA
• July  2004 - Reception & Show - “Form Follows Fashion” - Art People Gallery @ Crocker Galleria, San Francisco, CA
• 2004-2005 - Show - Gallerie Gora, Montreal, Canada
• September, 2005 - San Ramon Arts Walk & Festival
• October, 2005 - Lindsay Dirx Brown Museum (San Ramon Community Center, San Ramon, CA) - One Man Show (Mardi Gras)
• March - 2010 - Lindsay Dirx Brown Museum II (Dougherty Valley Community Center, San Ramon, CA) - One Man Show
• May thru September, 2012 - First Wednesday Art Street Exhibition, Pleasanton, CA
• January, 2013 - Lindsay Dirx Brown Museum Gallery, San Ramon Community Center, San Ramon, CA (One Man Show)
• August 2013 - on going - Cellar Door Wine Bar, 4469 Railroad Ave., Pleasanton, CA - (One Man Show)

Art Biography/Resume of Patrick Mock:

An impression that has stuck with me over the years while studying art and photography is the glory of light and the message it can convey as to our moods of happiness and ecstasy, as well as peace or sadness. 
I am inspired to create art using light, color, and movement that is a more dynamic art form. 
By creating refractions of light and vibrant color, the use of marbling, to create a result that is pure and simple, yet so incredibly complex. Light and color in motion excels in refraction and reflection to dazzle the senses of the viewer.   Patrick O. Mock

Vieux Carre'

""VIEUX CARRE'" - by Patrick Mock
36" round wood table top
Donated to the City of San Ramon Community Center on Alcosta Blvd.

Featured painting - "Lava at Night"

"Lava at Night" - by Patrick Mock

48" x 36" x 2" on art canvas. 2010

Price: $500